Website Proposal

Prepared For

(Business Name)

Prepared By

Alex's Websites LLC

Date Preapared

9 March 2022

Our Suggested Website Platfrom

At Alex’s Websites LLC, we strongly recommend WordPress. Not only does WordPress host forty percent of all websites, but it is the most versatile platform.

Our Suggested Web Pages

The most common pages on a website are home, about, shop, blog, and contact. We are recommending for your business the following webpages; home, about, and blog page.

Our Suggested Web Hosting

For the best overall customer experience group hosting would be suit your business needs.

Content Collection

We request any content necessary in order to best build your website Immediately After Payment

Progress Report

We will contact you requesting any extra information to further develop your website.One Week Later

Project Review

You will review your website and provide any changes that need to be made.Two Weeks Later

Completed Project

Your website will be best optimized to best serve your team and customers.Four Weeks Later

Please note: This is a projected timeline. The project timeline may vary.

Design of Webpage: $500 One Time Payment
Development of Website: $1500 One Time Payment
Hosting Pricing: $20-100 Monthly Payment

Our Project Estimate

$2000 Overall One Time Payment

This price is based on the project proposal.

Thank You!

Websites are built for our customer. We find it essential for our customers to be highly satisfied with their website. We can’t wait to get started with yours today!