Ur Next Up

Ur Next Up is the biggest project I’ve worked on to date. The project has required extensive learning about PHP, CSS, and JavaScript. It requires elements such as booking, time zone conversions, user experience, and much more. Without outside funding or a knowledge base, I’m proud to say this is my best portfolio piece.

Landing Page

Ur Next Ups landing page was developed to quickly help users navigate the complex website and their related platforms.

Category Filtering

Filtering categories allows users to find the related talent to their needs.

Booking Pages

I’ve built an intuitive booking program that calculates the time zone differentials and sends information both to the user and staff.

Apparel Design

Ur Next Ups clientele are able to purchase an Esports Jersey to represent their relationship with Ur Next Up on their broadcasts. Using the gold flair and carbon-fiber design from Ur Next Ups branding I’ve developed a product that’ll be cherished.