Ride Mega Jump Show

The Mega Jump Show is a BMX trick show. They’ve never had branding related to their show. Not only did I create branding but I also created an all-access pass, poster and t-shirt for the riders to wear.

A-Frame Poster

I’ve used bold colors to seek attention when using this A-Frame Poster in large crowds where they tend to get lost. Also making sure every aspect is legible from a distance.

All Access Pass

For the all-access pass, I stuck to the atmosphere around outdoor sporting events. Using photos to visually tell a story on the front then on the back to advertise the sponsors.

Long Sleeve T-Shirt Design

Simple but straight to the point using their current branding. They wanted something easily readable and dark-colored. Lots of action sports branding uses the sleeve hits so I integrated that into their design. Along with that I included silhouettes of the riders and included sponsors.

Short Sleeve T-Shirt Design

Following along the same lines of the long sleeve I decided to mockup something more bold to relate to their poster. Using a Hi-Vis yellow which is commonly related to action sports and the same layout. Also adding sponsors around the neckline and sleeves.