Life Brand LLC

I’ve worked at Life Brand LLC as my main job for 2+ years. Being tasked with a multitude of projects relating to production, graphics & web design. It’s been the greatest experience I could’ve asked for and it’s empowered me to learn about the industry.

Product Management

All products are based on a single product that has all the information which is then duplicated into other products. This allows for say a Black T-Shirt to only be managed in one area.

Email Automations

Email automation drastically benefits the business not only by staying in front of customers but also managing their accounts and setting rules for certain events to take place.

Form Builder

Creating easy-to-use forms allows clients to provide us with the proper information. It also allows us to create notifications and automation based on responses.

Apparel Design

Working at Life Brand LLC these are a few designs I’ve created for clients requesting a fully sublimated jerseys.